How to prepare for a maternity shoot

maternity session

I love maternity sessions and I really feel they are SO important to get. I know some pregnancies are not smooth sailing. Your body is changing your hormones are going crazy and you have to pee every 15 minutes. I get it, I did it twice. ( kuddos to moms who are on baby #3 and up ) haha. However this is such a monumental time in your life and I have never had ANYONE regret capturing this special time in their lives. These images will bring you joy looking back on this stage of your life, even when you're up at 3am feeding a baby haha. 

What should I wear? 

This is the number one question I always get. Although this does differ from each client because we all have our own style, dresses definitely photograph beautifully. I LOVE the long flowy dresses and you can get these very affordable on amazon OR I also have a few choices for you. Long dresses always make a mama feel beautiful and thats what we want for you. Some moms love showing off bare belly and like the open dresses which are beautiful. I love if you have two outfits I think it gives us a much better variety of pictures for you to choose from.  I have a whole pinterest page all with perfectly styled mamas that I would love for you to check out Here. It will really help give you a visual for what you like and you can email me outfit ideas and I would love to help you decide.

For husbands you can also refer to the blog to see what some of my stylish dads have worn. Button up shirts are always great with no logos on them.

Getting pampered:

I strongly recommend having your hair and makeup done. I have an amazing makeup artist that I work with who you will love, you can find her Here. We will be doing lots of closeups of that bump so make sure to have your nails done. This is a great time to go treat yourself to a mani pedi! If you don't have time don't worry! Putting some vaseline or aquafor on your cuticles is great and then lotion before our shoot.

What should I expect during our session?

Most couple are not "models" in front of the camera. I do not want you to worry about how you are going to pose, leave that to me. I will be taking care of making sure I am making you look and feel as beautiful as you are. I understand that for most this is their first time in front of a camera since their wedding day. I will take care of all the posing so don't worry about that at all.

What happens after our session?
After our session I will send you a link with your images within 3 days. I send you ALL the pictures that were taken so that you can choose which images YOU love the most. Once you choose your images it takes about two weeks for me to do the fine editing on them and then I will send you a link with those images edited in high resolution. You will also be able to order professional prints or some other goodies if you choose to do so.

I look forward to capturing this amazing chapter for you <3