How to prepare for a cake smash


Cake smashes are so much fun and and OH SO MESSY. They are such a great way to commemorate this milestone in your baby's life.You always see those cute pictures on Pinterest or instagram of the cute baby in a tutu or jeans smashing into their cake and looking adorable. However sometimes you will get a baby that just does not like the cake, some babies don't even like to get near it. We can't tell what your baby will do with the cake until the day comes but what we can do is prepare for best and worst case scenarios. I have put a few tips below that will help you prepare for your cake smash session and will help make things go as smoothly as possible. 

What to expect:

Cake smash sessions typically last about 45 minutes if baby is loving the cake. We will start with some pre pictures ( I suggest a different outfit from the cake smash outfit )  and then go to the cake smash. We will also take a few pre pictures in the cake smash outfit.  If baby is loving the cake I typically will get the shots we need (10-15 minutes) and then call it quits. Reason is it's a lot of sugar for your little one and I don't want them to have an upset tummy. We will let baby set the pace of the smash. Some littles dig right in and destroy it, some need a little bit of help, and some just won't stop eating the cake. Just be ready to get your own hands dirty to help them smash if they need it. 

How to pick a cake:

I will tell you now, NO chocolate cake or brown frosting. I promise you it makes them look like they are eating poop, it is not pretty for pictures, you WILL regret it.  Red has never been a favorite for my clients either but that depends on what theme you are choosing to go with. Light colored frosting are always great. 

Tips for the day:

** Bring some clean clothes for not just little one but also for you! 9/10 times bay wants mommy or daddy to hold them a bit and the parent gets messy. I suggest parents to bring a change of clothes in case your little one needs some snuggles. Sometimes parents get dirties than the kids!

** Bring one of your kiddos favorite snacks ( puffs, blueberries, raisins ) this way if baby doesn't want to touch we can put these snacks behind the cake and we can get them at least reaching for the cake.  This will also make it look like your baby is eating the cake when they go to eat their favorite snack! Shh no one else will know

** If your little girl is wearing a tutu, please make sure to have some bloomers if you do not want the diaper showing. We don't want a blue line showing up in the pictures and unfortunately that is something that I cannot edit out. 

** Have your phone ready. This is for a few reasons. One I want your phone ready to take some videos of your little one. You are absolutely allowed to take photos and videos I welcome it. Secondly have one of babies favorite videos or songs ready to play that they love. 

** Sippy cup to help wash down the cake

** Go buy a cupcake and let your little one test it out a little. Sometimes the texture freaks the baby out and sometimes the taste makes them gag. I always suggest a small test run just to make sure baby is okay with the texture. 

** Two outfits

Things to bring :

-Two picture outfits for baby
- Snacks
-Sippy cup
-Change of clothes for you both